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Surline Jolicoeur

As the Founder and CEO, Surline infuses CMPS Consulting LLC with core values that embody everything we stand for:

  • Integrity - Uphold high standards of integrity in all of our actions

  • Servant Leadership - Support our team in and out of the office and share our successes as we continue to build towards the vision.

  • Creativity - Foster ideas, concepts, and solutions that work.

  • Passion - Commit to fulfilling our client’s vision with dedication and fervor.

  • Excellence - Strive to deliver quality services of unmatched value, constantly raising the bar through simple, easy, and relevant solutions.

  • Teamwork - Work together to accomplish extraordinary results.

  • Learning - Apply a student mentality in all things to ensure exceptional client service.

Choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong and never be content with the half truth when the whole can be won.
— Bob Dees

Who We Are



CMPS Consulting LLC’s mission is to see our clients prosper by shaping the path to strategic marketing and increased brand reach so they don’t have to. Our business is to serve yours.




Cultivate strategic marketing and content for our clients that bring unparalleled exposure to their organization. They are the trailblazers; our vision is to simply help light the fire.


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Our business is to serve yours! 

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